Restavek Freedom Foundation


finding JOY

Davidson has lived with his godmother since his mother passed away; he has never known his father. His godmother sells coffee near her home and Davidson is responsible for taking care of the coffee shop. Each morning, he puts out all of the kitchen utensils, lights the fire, cleans the counter for coffee sales and washes the customers’ cups after each use.

I first met Davidson when he was working during school hours. I was curious about why he was working and not in school so I asked him ‘why aren’t you in school today?’ Davidson explained how his godmother did not want to send him to school because he is a hard worker and she needed him at the coffee shop. I asked how interested and motivated he was in the possibility of attending school and I found that Davidson loves attending school when he is able to but has never had the chance to finish a full academic year. I asked him if he would like me to meet with his godmother to discuss the possibility of Restavek Freedom sending him to school and he happily agreed. During our conversation many customers visited the coffee shop and I noticed how Davidson was responsible for serving them all.

When we arrived at Davidson’s home we met with an elder child of his godmother, who was currently attending University. I had a lengthy conversation with him about Davidsons situation and he quickly realized he needed to be involved in his education and agreed to send Davidson to school.

Davidson received his uniforms and all his school material in August of 2013. He has been enjoying attending school, is always prepared and knows his lessons. His teacher says he is doing very well. Watching Davidson grow and succeed in school brings me joy and satisfaction.

Robenson Saint-Hilaine, Child Advocate