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Making a New Path: Katia’s Story


Katia is a 19 year old girl, the oldest of 7 daughters and is in the 9th grade. Growing up, things were very difficult in her household, especially between her mother and step-father. Katia’s step-father was routinely verbally abusive to her mother and the family struggled economically. Katia’s mother worked hard to find a job to help improve the family’s situation and fortunately, she was able to find a job. Sadly it was far away and only allowed her to spend the weekends at home with her daughters.  

Her mother’s new job made things more difficult at home for Katia. Her step-father began to use her as a release for his stress, speaking negatively towards her and physically hurting her, causing her to miss school regularly. She could not continue living in this environment for fear that something worse would happen to her, so she went to live with her cousin.

Today Katia has a safe place to live but is still struggling financially; her mother and cousin can’t provide her with the essential things she needs. With the support of Restavek Freedom Foundation, her Child Advocate Nathacha is working to find ways to continue to help and support Katia.

She is a courageous girl who holds on to hope for a brighter future. May God continue to give Katia patience and the capacity to keep pursuing her goals, so that she can achieve her dreams!

If you are interested in supporting Katia through child sponsorship please contact us at

Nathacha Lucien, Child Advocate