Restavek Freedom Foundation

May 9

Meet Frantso

I have been working with Restavek Freedom Foundation for two years now as a child advocate. Since joining the Foundation, I have noted the change in my life: the way I talk to others, the way I treat others, the way I see others. I have become kinder, given more attention to others and what they do, and I have more compassion than before for everyone—especially for children. The other thing that the Restavek Freedom Foundation has instilled in me is that, wherever I see a child, I’m always ready to ask things like “tell me something about you, where do you live? What chores do you do at home? Do you go school? How are you treated where you live…?” I feel concerned when I see a child during school hours working on street, thinking that this child will be better in a classroom learning something for the future. My concerns are greater when I see that and I can’t help change the situation. I know that Restavek Freedom has changed my life. I now see children differently—especially those who are living in the restavek situation, so I’m happy because I’m the one who makes an impact in the life of those children  through things like school, transportation, school supplies, and counseling.

I have enjoyed my experience with Restavek Freedom; I think that I am growing and my own self esteem is improving day by day.

Frantso Sagesse, Child Advocate